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Indians, not plumbing, stop the A's.

By Mr. Dostal on April 26, 2016

There was a time, only a generation or two ago in fan years, when the Coliseum was the most pleasing stadium in the Bay Area for more information .

Visually and otherwise.

Now? The aging concrete mausoleum still takes center stage for the Athletics, but for all the incorrect factors. The only stadium still being shared by a big league baseball club (the A's) and an NFL team (the Raiders) has actually become the butt of jokes for two pleased franchises, one which is winning and chasing its 3rd straight American League West title while the other is in Year 1 of a self-described reconstruction phase .

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Could Trump cost GOP more than White House?

It s being called the Republican Trump mare and it resembles this: Not only will a Donald Trump nomination cost the GOP the White House, but the Senate also and possibly even the House, though that s a long shot.

The worry is that in a general election, many Republicans won t show up for the Donald, and/or those Democrats will come out in force against him.

If that happens, the thinking goes, say goodbye to the five incumbent GOP senators in states such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that opted for President Obama in 2012. Probably also forget the Republicans vying for open seats in Nevada and Florida that also opted for Mr. Obama last time.

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LIZ JONES: It s minus 12 outside and the boiler is on the blink I think I need a husband

It`s that horrible, sinking feeling when you know you are going to end up wanting to throw yourself into the river, or just walk into the sea, leaving nothing behind but a little pile of clothes. There is simply no point going on. It`s entirely helpless.

It`s that point when you turn on the main heating and the radiators, like your heart, are like stone. There is no encouraging puff of steam from the pipe outside; revealing you all is right worldwide. The boiler is on the blink. It began on Wednesday morning. It was minus 12C here in the Yorkshire Dales, high up on the cusp of the Pennines.

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